New Tool, Moar Powah!!! by GlassDragon

Just a bit of a personal journal with this one, but it's art related so I figured why not post it here. ^^;

For the past year, almost two, I've been doing alll of my drawing from an Android tablet (a Galaxy Tab A), it was really nice, with a Wacom powered pen, but still limited because its' an android device and doesn't/can't run the good art programs one would like it to, like Sai and Photoshop.
Though I did find Medibang during this time which has been an absolute godsend.

However, just today I finally got a proper PC tablet again. I'm picky and needed one with a screen after using the tablet for so long, and Cintiqs may be the industry standards but a $1.5k price tag was waaaay too much. So I saved, and with the help of my husband we got me a wonderful 19 inch Huion Kamvas. I've been sketching on it all day. It's taking me some serious getting used to, and I haven't perfected my setup yet, but I'm thrilled to be able to use powerful art programs again and am really looking forward to where my art will go from here. ^.^

New Tool, Moar Powah!!!


11 February 2019 at 21:27:56 MST

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