Small updated and Plans for this years :) by Spiritwhitewolf

hello everyone! 

Want to check with you guys out to see how are you feeling today? if good, that's wonderful!
I'm doing a good! But work on things to fundraise for my new Cintiq (1000USD). I'm wondering
if I open Cheap QUICK Sketch/Color sketch during Streaming as you will buy? only way to earn
without asking for help. But I'd like to get this new cintiq asap to replace old one that have screen
cracked as able cut my thumb no matter where i holding on.  If you ever donating and You will get
arts from me as THANK you.

So Eyes out for few more YCHS and maybe little adoptable based of my ideals to share and give them
an home who will use them oftens :) oh right, I forget that I can do Secondlife texture customs for Avatar
as depend on what avatar parts you has or I have and I will do an custom for your OC aka bring them to

This year 2019 is being moving weebit fast than I thought so. as this year will be my 10year anniversary with
my wife Hexi. I never expect about that go far. Shi is best thing I ever has for this long years as shi is my best 
friend and wife I can relies on. Thank you for being here with me. I'd lost my own life if you never come to my life.

How to tip this Kaiju

I do have Ko-fi and patreon But Im promise to you all. I will never never make 
this as paywall! I want all of you show a supporting me as put me finishing the 
project i have now if I have your support pledge to push me finish them. I will 
put your name on the wall as Thank for support.

Support me on Patreon or Buy a coffee for me

Patreon is monthly supporting as can help me focus on Project more.
Ko-fi is once time pledge but I looooove those coffee a lot. :P

This Kaiju head out for work on art now and feel free to prodding them by Discord or any ims but No notes please.

Small updated and Plans for this years :)


4 February 2019 at 12:18:40 MST

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