Disapointed in the new Tablet by Cybercat

The day started off super early at around 8:30 when the tablet arrived. I was so excited. I cleaned up my work area, unistalled my Wacom, cleaned up the registry,  and while the computer rebooted I got the new tablet unpackaged and set up. The installation went fairly well, I calibrated it and then got to work playing around. Sadly the arm I bought won't work with my table the way I'd hoped it would, and the tablet itself just isn't up to the degree of quality I need. In the majority of videos I'd watched on the device everyone seemed exceptionally heavy handed. The use of line weight was there sort of, but no one was doing really detailed or fine lined stuff. I was concerned and kept researching. I found some one who's skill was high and their artwork more detailed. So I'd hoped it was a sign this would work for me. Unfortunately it seems that the tablet's pressure sensivity is just not what I'm used to after having a Wacom product. It just can't match the tapering ability and the easy flow from thin to thick in a progressive and smooth way. 

It's been a very disapointing and painful day. I'll be returning the tablet and hopefully I'll be able to get the money back. I'm not sure what I'll do now honestly. I may just try to save up enough for the Cintiq 16. The size of the 22 really was huge and awkward even if it meant I had lots of drawing area. Without being able to use an arm it's not going to be a good fit with my set up. Mom wont' let me drill a hole in the wall for a wall mounted type. Can't really blame her there. 

Unfortunately the Cintiq 16 doesn't have the side buttons, which was really a cool thing. It made erasing and zooming really easy. They do have the 'Express Key' panel but it's an additional $99. Wacom is king of line but they are also King of Over Charging for everything. :P

I'm going to wait until Monday before making any further decisions, to ensure I'll be getting the money back from the return and when the UPS store is open again. 

I'll keep you all posted with what happens. 

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Disapointed in the new Tablet


2 February 2019 at 19:37:30 MST

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