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2019 Rolex 24 at daytona race winners and the next AutoSkunk posting by ShawnSkunk

hey guys I'm a day late on posting this, I meant to do this last night but to help Michele Light psread the word around about aproject she's doing right now and if you're curious to know what it is here's a link right here
but I have the post race results yesterday's Rolex Daytona 24 hour race I tried to see as much of it as I can but unfortunately I had to work Saturday and Sunday so I couldn't see all of it much less the finish, but thank to IMSA for posting the winners on their website I can now announce the winners, plus further more IMSA celebrates their 50th season of racing this year so there was a lot of flashbacks to their historic past which I really enjoyed :3

podium finishers in GTLM:

1ST: Colton Herta (United States) - BMW

2ND: Alessandro Pier Guidi (Italy) - Ferrari

3RD: Earl Bamber (New Zealand) - Porsche

4TH: Ryan Briscoe (Australia) - Ford

podium finishers in GTD:

1ST: Mirko Bortolotti (Italy) - Lambourghini

2ND: Dries Van thoor (Belgium) - Audi

3RD: Townsend Bell (United States) - Lexus

4TH: Frederic Vervisch (Belgium) (in my fursona's never ending story fluff so far ShawnSkunk is the driver of this car as well) - Audi

podium finishers in DPI:

1ST: Kamui Kobayashi (Japan) - Cadillac

2ND: Felipe Nasr (Brazil) - Cadillac

3RD: Ricky Taylor (United States) - Acura

4TH: Loic Duvall (France) - Nissan

podium finishers in LMP2:

1ST: Pastor Maldonado (country unknown) - manufacturer unkown

2ND: Kris Wright (United States) - Oreca

3RD: Ben Hanley (United Kingdom) - Oreca

4TH: Enzo Guibert (country unkown) - manufacutrer unknown

so those are the post race results for the crowning event, congrats to all the winners and podium finishers and happy 50th anniversary IMSA.
also guys a quick update from me the next AutoSkunk posting is ready, part 2 of my Audi Quattro history review is ready and will posted tonight at 6 PM (spoiler alert, there's gonna be photo of my Audi 5K as the submission cover, so if any of you were dying to see of photo of it ever I announce that I bought the late last year well now you're going to get to see it)
that's all I have to say for now so cheers everfur :3

2019 Rolex 24 at daytona race winners and the next AutoSkunk posting


28 January 2019 at 14:21:59 MST

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