Themed Requests! by Volt Siano

Sketchtober and Art-or-Treat were fun! Some of the Sketchtober themes mixed really well with some people's characters, and I'd like to do something like it again. I figured it'd also give me some motivation to get back into drawing after I've been working on a fursuit for so long. (Seriously, there are at least four pages in my sketchbook with unfinished drawings, and I'm not sure if they'll ever get finished.)

SO! The theme! I like video games! Do you like video games? Do you have a certain video game you'd like me to put your character in? Because that sounds like a neat idea!

What I need:

  • A reference of the character you want drawn.
  • A video game to insert your character into.
  • (OPTIONAL) Any extra details, such as a certain scene from that video game, a certain aspect you want me to include, etc.

1) Sinister - Legend of Zelda.
2) Katar - Monster Hunter
3) Ghost - Half-Life
(Might open up more if I end up enjoying this.)

(Forgive me if I don't get it quite right. There is a small range of video games that I'm familiar with.)

Themed Requests!

Volt Siano

23 January 2019 at 19:34:15 MST

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