Guess whos back. And commissions are open! by Kittybird_The_Shiney

Hi Guys.
I'm sorry I have been quiet lately, I'm not going to go in to that aside from I hate my brain. I do have some commission
work to post from the last month or so. So keep a eye open!

I Hope you have been having a productive and Happy New Year and if not I hope things improve for you.

So Its coming to the end of the month and money has been tight for us, but we are pushing onward. If you would
like to help us out and maybe take a little stress from Draggy and I, That would be super shiney awesome. And you can do
that one of two ways:-

Lately I feel my art is improving so I think you are getting a better
deal from getting art from me at the prices I ask:

Also I offer Chibi work and Telegram stickers at $5 a piece.

If you have something else in mind or would like to talk to me about a piece, please feel free to note me!
I currently have 3 slots left open, so if you would like to snap open up please me know!


Tips are VERY much Appreciated and I have decided if I receive $30 in tips per month, I will draw up one shot comic strip, using some suggestions
from the people who were kind enough to tip me. Just trying out something and seeing how it goes.

Also soon I will be setting up a patreon, so I would be very interested in seeing what people would like to see from in terms of art/rewards.

Anyway. That's all I have for now. So PLEASE feel free to contact me about commissions if you would like something.
Love you all. Stay shiney.

Guess whos back. And commissions are open!


20 January 2019 at 20:58:47 MST

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