Commissions Closed Indefinitely by Recurrent

Title pretty much says it all. I'm closing down commissions for the foreseeable future. I will no longer be accepting commissions at all. 

I'm tired. I no longer have the time to do the artwork I want and having a queue is causing me to lose motivation and burnout constantly. I've been depressed for months and I'm struggling to cope with it and just my regular job at the moment, let alone a stressful self run business on top of that.

I am planning to complete my queue, then only do personal artwork and maybe the odd commission/trade for friends/mutuals only. I might post an occasional YCH but please do not expect me to open publicly for commissions again any time soon if again at all. If anything I might be doing more raffles or something low pressure/low stress. 

I will continue to post artwork sporadically and if you are following me for TF art, I will still be drawing it, just mainly for myself for a while.

Thank you for understanding. I am hoping that in doing this, I will be able to improve my mental health to maybe be able to reach a point where I feel like I can take on commissions again, though at the moment, I am just not seeing that in my future.

Current Queue (Listed by Priority):
1. RobertDayson - Single Character Colored Sketch - Art Trade - 20%
2. Yael - Colored Sketch - PAID - 0%
3. ThatIsleBeav - Raffle Art - Colored Sketch - 0%
4. NekoGato - Two Character Colored Sketch + Cel Shade + BG - PAID - 35%
5. Gift Art/Personal/Collab - Three Characters x2 - 50%
6. Gift Art - Updated Clothing Ref for Orion - 10%


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Commissions Closed Indefinitely


17 January 2019 at 22:00:12 MST

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