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Hello friends!

I took some time this weekend to work on a stream schedule for you all, so those of you who want to pop in and say hello have a rough idea of when to expect me. This is only updated for the next 3 months (Jan-Mar) and future dates will be updated as we get there.

You can view the calendar here:

Some notes: By evening I mean after sunset. Stream could start any time after 5:30pm EST and will likely run until 9:30-10pm EST. Possibly later, could possibly start earlier. Unfortunately I can't really nail that down as I have to be flexible around flying my bird for the falconry season.

I will do my best to stick to this schedule and stream for a good 3-4 hr block for those interested. However, there are always things that could pop up last minute that prevent me from being able to stream. I can only ask for your patience and understanding as I try to work through whatever the issue is. If for some reason I can't stream I will do my best to update the calendar, or post an announcement.

I am unsure right now if I will continue to stream to youtube. Unfortunately I listen to music while I stream, and youtube decided to freak out over perceived copyright violations. I have yet to get it to allow me to just delete the audio...

However, here are the links where I am currently set up to stream:

Art Stream Information/Schedule


14 January 2019 at 05:49:42 MST

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