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Terms of Service by Alcho

The following is for EVERYONE who commissions alcho! Please read fully before you do so!

This is a collective list of rules and regulations that pertain to any party or parties that may commission alcho for any services including, but not limited to arts and crafts.

  • Things I will not draw :
  • Porn in any form
  • Artwork with any copyrighted character(s) (TV / Movie / Cartoon / Comic ect..)
  • Extreme Fetishes
  • Excessive Gore and / or Excessive Violence (Message me with details and we will talk)
  • Any Stolen Characters
  • Fem-boy characters
  • Characters of more than one sex
  • Humans (unless it's a traditional portrait from a photograph)

  • Rights

  • I hold the right to deny any commission for any reason

  • You HAVE the right to post your art from me! If you do post the art you commissioned from me, you must include due credit where it is deserved. I will report any and all pieces I find that have no credit given (I will message you first).

  • You do NOT have the right to alter any piece done by me. If you want a piece that you received from me altered, message me.

  • I hold the right to stream any and all art I am working on - including commissions. If you would like me to not, ask. If you would like a message when I'm streaming your commission (If I am), once again - ask.

  • If at any point during the commission I find reason to stop progress and refund any money given at that point I may do so.

  • I hold the right to post any commissions I create on any art site and / or in any group at my discretion.

  • Payment

  • PayPal is the main source of payment. I accept USD only.

  • If you have a Deviant Art account, I MAY be willing to accept Deviant Art points in exchange at a rate of 100 points per one (1) dollar.

  • I do not accept E-Checks.

  • I have 1 (One) payment options for all commissions UNDER $75.00 USD

    • 1) 100% at time of me starting your piece(s).
  • I have 2 (Two) payment options for commissions ranging over $75.00 USD

    • 1) 100% at time of me starting your piece(s).
    • 2) 50% at time of me starting your piece(s), 50% once finished. (You will not receive the product until payment is fulfilled 100%.)
  • I accept Tips.

  • Shipping will be determined prior to payment if possible, and will be included in the price of any piece(s) that I have to physically ship.

  • Time lines and Deadlines

  • I do not work on art with time lines.

  • If you are not pleased with how long your commission is taking (only applicable if the commission is taking more than 3 weeks to complete), and you wish to cancel you must let me know as soon as possible.

  • If the initial sketch has not been finished, 100% of the money I received (minus PayPal fees) will be returned.

  • If sketching has been completed, and lining has been started, 75% of the money I received (minus PayPal fees) will be returned to you.

  • If flat coloring has been started, 50% of the money I received (minus PayPal fees) will be returned to you.

  • If shading has been started, 25% of the money I received (minus PayPal fees) will be returned to you.

  • Same-day commissions are rare from me - expect at the very least 1-2 days.

  • Work in Progress (Wips)

  • I offer work in progresses at each stage of the piece (Sketching / Revision Sketch If Applicable / Flat Colors / Finished Piece)

  • If I send you a work in progress approve it I will NOT go back to fix ANY mistakes from that stage on in the piece. This is the point of work in progresses - please overlook them thoroughly and I shall wait for your ok to continue!

  • General Commission Info

  • If you have a character you want drawn you MUST PROVIDE A REFERENCE in some way for me to go off of. No Ref = No Commission. No Exceptions except ordering a NEW Reference Sheet!

  • Any and all References MUST BE SFW! I will not work with NSFW References.

  • If you cancel a commission in the sketch stage, I hold every right to the sketch and may use it in another piece.

  • Upon completion I will send you the high quality version of the commission as well as a resized version for uploading!

  • Social Medias / Chat Programs

  • If you have me added on any social medias or chat programs (steam, telegram, skype, facebook, ect) do NOT message me asking about your commission or for wips. Keep those messages here and Deviant Art - I keep my business and social life separate. Please respect that.

  • If you are interested in commissioning me, PLEASE do so via note or shout on here for Deviant Art. I will not take commissions on any chat system other than Fur Affinity's or Deviant Art's.

Waiting list / Ques + Sales

  • If you are in a waiting list from me, be patient. I do not rush through any piece, as I refuse to sacrifice quality.
  • If I have a sale going and you order the piece, but are added to the waiting list - I will honor the sale price, even if the sale is expired when I start the piece!
  • If you are on the waiting list please understand that it is first come first serve unless stated otherwise!

Updates and Additions may be added as I think of them, keep updated on my current terms.

UPDATED 12/31/18

Terms of Service


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