Happy New Year! Commissions - CLOSED by Recurrent

Hey guys, just a little bit of an early HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

A lot has happened this past year, some amazing, some really down in the dumps, but I am prepared to move into the New Year with a positive outlook on life. I hope that everyone is able to find happiness in the New Year and for it to be better than the last!

Now then, I just posted up my new commission sheet for the year and there have been a couple of changes. I have removed the "Chibi" option since I haven't been getting any itnerest in those and added in "Sequences", "Badges", and "Sketch Pages/Mini Comics". I'm hoping with the new variety everyone will be able to get something that they would like.  Due to the popularity, and my new work schedule I have made the decision to raise the base price for the "Colored Sketches".

Also I would like to recomend that you follow me on Twitter for all the latest stuff, and my random ramblings if you happen to be interested in that sort of thing as I am the most active there! 

Commissions are currently CLOSED until I can finish my current queue. I will post a new journal once I am Open for commissions.

Current Queue (May be Completed Out of Order):
1. RobertDayson - Single Character Colored Sketch - Art Trade - 0%
2. NekoGato - Two Character Colored Sketch + Cel Shade + BG - PAID - 0%
3. Yael - Colored Sketch - PAID - 0%
4. Gift Art/Personal/Collab - Three Characters x 2 - 50%
This Queue is updated on FA only. Check there to see the latest Updates!


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Happy New Year! Commissions - CLOSED


31 December 2018 at 15:27:31 MST

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