Slight art explosion and an update by midkantakina

Haven't uploaded much of anything I have gotten in awhile from FA to here, and though I have several arts I have gotten both of Mids being solo and some family arts along with Mids being with Talen I am only gonna upload a few since I don't want to go to crazy with the mass uploading and all.

Also a bit of a life update from me. I work at one of the final remaining kmarts on long island. I say final because originally it was announced that the store would officially close in February. Instead it was changed to January and is being kept hush hush from the customers as far as I know since I am still telling people the original closing day. On that final day I actually have a temptation to jump on the PA system andsing closing time for the hell of it as well as hopefully lighten the crap mood that will possibly be had on the final night.

Slight art explosion and an update


30 December 2018 at 19:41:19 MST

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