Please send me drawing requests! by GemCandy

I wanna practice drawing more, but I have little inspiration, please give me a suggestion to draw? Don’t expect something amazing, please check my uploads to see what I’m able to do by now ^^

Please no 18+ stuff, anything that can be considered a 'kink' and more than one character. I'm fine with drawing your character in a fun outfit for posing in some kind of way. Or a head/bustshot, those are fine too!

Please send me drawing requests!


13 December 2018 at 11:37:50 MST

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    Are you exclusive to humans or do you draw other species?

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      Pretty much only humans or creatures that look very human-like (like elves) because I don't really dive into the 'furry' side because that's not my interest. I have seen mixes of like human-ish creatures with different color scemes and that does interest me a bit. But yeah, not the full furry-ness like your icon per example.

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        Well I have a human character that I'd like to see with a cute pair of tiger ears and a tail. Are you alright with minor fetishes like pregnancy or lactation?

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          Lactation no and pregnancy, well, I have drawn an old OC once with a preggo belly and to me, it just looked like a slightly deflated beachball under her dress, so that's what I can provide atm lol. I can however draw your human character with the ears and tail without any other problem.