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Holiday Stream 2018: INFO + FORM by blurthefur

Hey, everyone!

'Tis the season for giving! So, every year I host a free art stream a little before Christmas. Last year I came up with the idea of nominating someone you feel deserves gift art with an optional reason. It truly got me into the Christmas spirit and went so well that I've decided to do the same this year and years to come! And cross posting it across all my other galleries too, this time.

So here's how it works:

  • I'll need your nominee! Can be anyone, even yourself!
  • Your name + an associated gallery or social media profile. Just so I know I'm dealing with a real person! This is required, but you have the option to not have your name listed and have your potential gift be anonymous.
  • What kind of stuff does this person like? No guarantee I'll draw it, but it helps to know! (Optional)
  • Why this person? Maybe they're a friend. Maybe they had a rough year. Maybe it's a last minute Christmas present. Could be anything! Or you can simply leave it blank. (Optional) If your nominee is picked, the reason will be read out in stream and put into the description of the upload. If you'd prefer that the reason stay private, that's totally cool too!
  • Last thing: You do not have to attend the stream to submit requests, so don't worry about not being able to make it!

The form will stay live until December 16th and close at 9 PM EST. You may fill out as many entries as you'd like. Giving myself a week to sort through these things since I imagine there will be a lot!

The Holiday Stream will be held on Saturday, December 22nd, from 2pm EST until past midnight (or until I tire out!)
It will be a SFW stream!


Also, do NOT note me or leave comments with these things. Please use the form! Failure to do so will just result in me ignoring your requests because it shows you didn't care enough to read instructions.

Holiday Stream 2018: INFO + FORM


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