Black City webcomic by Spice Devil

=11pt=12.0ptSo, after a discussion with my wife and partner in crime, a few things have been decided, and on top of it, I feel like I owe you all an apology.

=11pt=12.0ptA major thing I tried to do as a creator was to make my work as inclusive as possible. That is why my prices are lower than most, and why I interact as much as I can; if not on here, on my discord server. The thing was how I decided to do the second volume of Black City. I did it in pencil because I wanted to encourage fans to join the Patreon to see the nicer and better version when it becomes time to ink it. After the last few months, I realize that that was a mistake. I am sorry. It flies in the face of my original premise of being as accessible as possible. I was thinking of making a buck rather than the act of creation and the fostering of a community and that should never be my way.

=11pt=12.0ptTo rectify this, the next chapter of volume two will not be dropping on time. Instead I will be going back to the beginning of this volume and inking it all and all of that. Patreon members will still get to see the pag=11pt=12.0ptes get done as I complete them but as each chapter is complete, I will re-upload them.

=11pt=12.0ptI know that this is a very minor thing, but if I cannot stick by my own standards and convictions, then there is no point in me being a creator.

Black City webcomic

Spice Devil

26 November 2018 at 00:52:58 MST

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