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Are my adopts worth buying? by Animecafe102

Ok so soemthing I've been wondering lately is if people feel my adopts are worth buying. I've had an awful time trying to sell them both on here and on other sites. I've been making adopts for at least 6 years (pretty much the first thing I did on deviantart, but I'd started slightly earlier with free adopts on some apps like drawcast and anime maker) the highest I was ever able to sell my adopts for was 5 dA points, my adopts back then were probably worth that so I understand, but even now I probably can't sell for higher than that but I feel 5 dA points is unfairly low for the work I put into my adopts now versus back then, but them how much is a good price? I want to make some money from them because I'm trying to get $15 for a dream of I've wanted for 6 years (since my early days of deviantart when I was 13, I think I love that design even more now then I did then lmao) but is $1 still too high? I also am accepting 100 points I just will use the commission widget for that, but are they not worth that much? I haven't really gotten any feedback on them, so I'm wondering what people have to say if anyone is willing to answer, sorry this is long, I'm awful at getting my thoughts out in shorter posts lmao

Are my adopts worth buying?


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