Thanksgiving by Bob Gray Wolf

I thanks for the what?

Maybe many of you are asking this because of bad things that are happening around the world. I also already did it sometimes.
Well, let me explain why we must to thanks:

  • For our family. I know that some of you lost someone in accident, tragedy or naturally; I read the news every day. My condolences.
    However life continues and you are alive, so you will have many opportunities to rebuild and walk toward the future. And if you don't have a family you are not alone, believe it.

  • For our friends. I know that true friends are few, but enough for help you in hard times, believe it.

  • For you. Yes for yourself, for your existence. You are very, very, very important here on Earth, believe it.

  • For so many other things... You must to count at the end of day how much blessings you received, big and small blessings. I am sure you received at least one blessing: life to continue walking toward the future and to conquest new and great things.

  • I also have trouble in my life, but I write these good words to give you hope. Together and with hope we can make a better world, believe it.

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day. May God bless you and give you better days.

  • Enjoy life!


Bob Gray Wolf

22 November 2018 at 04:01:09 MST

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