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Just a little update as I am continuing to work on my queue. Things have been a  little hecktic with last minute Halloween preparations so I was not able to get much done last weekend, but the next few weekends I will be sure to keep working on these. I have also set a series of alarms to wake myself up before work to work on these for at least an hour ever day until everything is done and clear. 

After I complete all this I am thinking about taking it a little easy for a bit, maybe opening up two to three badge commissions, also thinking about doing double sided TF badges as well once I finish my current TO-DO list.

Owed Artwork (May be worked on out of order):
Pyruvic - 12 Colored Headshot Sketches(Patreon) - 5%
ForeFox - Painted Sketch(Patreon) - 0%
FuzzyFox - 6 Telegram Stickers + Illustration(Patreon) - 0%

Collabs with Orion that I need to work on:
Kittenrose232 - Custom Icon Animation Lineart - 20%

Personal TO-DOs(will be done last, but before commissions open)
Update Ailith's Ref Sheet to Ailith Duval, add in ring refs, remove police refs, add in hand and paw refs.

IF I owe you something and you are not on the above list, PLEASE let me know right away so that I can add you to my to-do list and start working on it this month. Please note that animations that do not require animation changes will not appear on this list as only Orion will be working on those.

Once the preceding list is cleared I am planning on taking a short break (a week or two off) then taking on new commissions again. I will post a journal when I am ready to take on new commissions.

I will be updating the precentage completed on my FA only, if you would like to check in on my current progress, check there.

Queue Update


30 October 2018 at 09:39:18 MDT

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