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stream updates/annoucments - please read by pac

good day everyone! sorry i keep neglecting to post much here. i will try and post a few commissions and things i've been doing in this coming week. for now, here are some state of affairs notes...

🎃 i will be on vacation until november to celebrate halloween/anniversary with my hubby. i will likely be unresponsive to emails until then, however if you are looking to schedule time for my next stream please send me your inquiry asap, as i will make my daily based off who claims spots first. i will not be streaming next week, and will likely start streaming again on november 1st or 2nd.

current stream schedule: thurs-sun, 3-10pm
stream link: (picarto)
commission info:
trello queue:

📅 STREAM SCHEDULE MAY CHANGE IN NOVEMBER. i have no additional info beyond that right now. i make my schedule based on my hubby's work schedule and that is possibly changing next month. please always use the days/times list on my website and the live streaming page as the official schedule! journals and tweets can become unreliable/outdated quickly and will not be individually updated when info changes.

some rules/tos/reminder things for commissions. please read if you are a new or returning customer!

👉 if you have scheduled time to be in stream during your commission and cannot make it, LET ME KNOW ASAP. last week i had several no shows/very late/unresponsive people that ate into stream time. i give people who schedule in advance (as opposed to drop-ins) preference for a reason, but from now on if you do not show quickly at your allotted time (either at the start of the stream or your arranged time) i will consider the queue open and you will lose your spot in line. 

👉 up until now i have not required stream attendance to get a commission from me. i have resisted making it a requirement due to a lot of factors that would make it hard for certain people to attend and i want to keep it as fair as possible. however, because of the amount to time and energy that is absorbed due to absentee commissioners i have finally made the decision to implement these requirements:

☑️ if you are a NEW CLIENT (have never purchased any commission from me before) you are required to attend the stream for at least your preliminary sketch. i have found too often that a considerable amount of time can disappear playing email tag trying to suss out the drawing details.

☑️ if you are a ANY CLIENT (anyone what has or hasn't purchased any commission from me before) you are required to attend the stream if your character is new and has no preexisting artwork or is text-based description only. again, this only for the preliminary sketch phase since that part requires the most edits and benefits the most from real time input.

☑️ the requirements are not applicable to CHARACTER SKETCHES or SKETCH PAGES. since these commission types do not allow for absentee edits, there is no need to require antecedence (it is always HIGHLY RECOMMENDED though)

☑️ because i am now requiring attendance for very specific instances, i will be willing to work with people on a one time off-schedule appointments for extenuating circumstances that make it impossible to attend normal stream schedule for the foreseeable fututre.

i think that's it for now! if you have any questions or concerns, let me know. i know that was very wordy and a lot of info to take in. i am always looking to improve the way i do things and make the experience of working with me a good one.

take care!

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stream updates/annoucments - please read


22 October 2018 at 09:36:40 MDT

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