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Been Away (Continued) by Genisay

And we ended up moving again. The other place I had settled in had ended up being even more temporary than I could have guessed. The owners turned out to not only be poor in general but apparently had past dislike for my friend. We ended up being evicted and went through the mad scramble of trying to find a new place to live. Most of my stuff is still in storage at this point.
As it turns out, we were not the only ones who left. About a week after we were told we had less than ten days to get out, a lot of people started moving of their own accord. They all found out the landlords had changed hands without even giving advanced notice that it was going to happen. Nope, people just came back to notices that said the management had changed. That is not just alarming, it's also technically illegal in the state I was living in.

So, now I have a new place that I am trying to start making feel like home. We have a bunch of young kids living above us, so it is noisy at random times of the day, which has been interfering with my ability to focus on projects and getting on my nerves in general. I also worked all summer, getting up very early, and not getting home until late, then having to go to bed early again. I did not have a lot of energy for art. I am finally starting to get back to doing things. I have a few projects on the table, though some of them are larger, and are taking longer. But, I am hoping to finally have something new to post again soon.

Been Away (Continued)


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