September Commissions OPEN!!! by Blitzy

Commissions are now OPEN for this month! Please read this post in FULL!

If you wish to apply for a slot, please fill out one of these two order forms.

If you want a REGULAR commission, please fill out THIS form:

If you want an ICON commission, please fill out THIS form:

Serious buyers ONLY please. Do not fill one out if you don’t have the funds. These are not quote forms!

Please fill out your forms CORRECTLY, and in full. Read questions and their descriptions thoroughly, if you need help. Forms not filled in correctly or in full will be declined.

Please also make sure you read my TOS (Terms of Service), Refund Policy, and my Will/Will Not Draw rules. (Seriously, please read them!)

Please keep in mind I will be CHOOSING what pieces to do, if the amount of applicants exceeds the amount of slots I’m giving (about 10 slots). So I cannot guarantee a slot for everyone! Please be courteous if I don’t select you! If you don’t get picked, there is ALWAYS next time! 😊

I will EMAIL the applicants I choose to work with, so keep an eye out for an email later tonight if you filled out a form.

Thank you SO much to anyone who orders, I am so excited to work with some of you! <3

September Commissions OPEN!!!


12 September 2018 at 23:03:32 MDT

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