BlueXCross and Dragon Half: Nights by AceusXAkseu

Well I figured I would tell you all about my two new writing projects, BlueXCross and Dragon Half: Nights...


In a world where the continents are separated into all different islands, and humans and small dragon like creatures that can control the world live in harmony, as long as the Creatures dont step out of line, and never defy one rule: they all must have an owner, if only to protect them. Our main character, Sirocco, a dragon of the wind, has ignored this rule most of his life with his brother, and due to recent events and the capture of his brother, he learns that he needs the help of the humans and other creatures to help find his brother and save there home from a new enemy that has emerged...

Dragon Half: Nights:

This is a continuation of an older series I have, but I'm going to try and write it in a way that you wont need to read the old one to understand it. It takes place 500 years before the events of the current Dragon Half story line I have already established, basically making this a prequel rather then a continuation, showing the lives of Etsuko, Yusei and Kenshiin, brothers thrown through time to defeat the Demon King... while ironically being his sons, before this was known, showing there lives as friends to a young king and training themselves to defeat their father.

BlueXCross and Dragon Half: Nights


26 April 2013 at 00:21:00 MDT

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