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April Updates - Leg Mystery Solved! and Sad News by SlippingStar

Monthly journal time!

April... April.... I got officially accepted to my local tech school (no surprise there, it's super easy to get into, not that the classes are bad). I've finished all my work in both my art classes, so now all I need to do is make sure they're super shiny for the portfolio (this is AP art, so we have to submit a digital portfolio). It's looking like I'm going to exempt all of my non-AP exams, being a senior with an average of C or above. :3 Speaking of school... I WON AWARDS FOR MY ART!! 8DD Super excite. In my high school senior year art show, The Forgotten got an honorable mention in the Mixed Media section, and Inquiry got bought by the principal AND won "Best Senior Work," awarding me a GRAND TOTAL of $100! I'm still trying to decide if I'll commission someone or buy a small commission while I get art supplies. x3 Depends who's open that I want something from!

My rats have both made me bleed now (they were hoarder rats, so they weren't socialized properly for the first half of their life); anybody have any tips with bitey rats??

UPDATE: Havok, the sickly of the two rats I've been fostering, just lost his battle. He was doing fine this morning, so I think it was just time. I'm sad for his brother, though; they were very closely bonded.

As you all know, my yahoo got hacked. Don't answer e-mails from there, I now use etc etc, go see the journal on it.

My hemorrhoid is not gastrologist-worthy (thank Posiden), so we just upped the water and added mineral oil to my diet. DX Another ailment with my heath is that I'm pretty sure I managed to pull my rectus femoris and my vastus lateralis (or muscles around there, here's a diagram for your convenience). In laymen's terms, top-thigh muscles, particularly around the tendons. And they're REALLY hard to stretch, so they've been at their "rawr"ness since Sunday now.

UPDATE: I went to the doctor, and it turns out I pulled my hamstrings. I remembered just as I was leaving that I slipped when coming out of the shower (SLIPPINGStar, harhar) on Sunday, which is when it all started. I'm popping pain pills and resting it and putting heating pads on it and should be better Monday.

How was everyone's April?

April Updates - Leg Mystery Solved! and Sad News


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    *coughcough*points at prices*Caughtcaugh* no jk... but seriously I'm raising money to go to art school... but jk yeah no, dont judge me for advertising u-u it makes me feel like a bad person

    that sucks about your leg, my friend tore her ACL a few months ago and needed surge for it. She's still not totally better :/

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      Haha, naw, I understand. And I do like your style, it's just that this is one of those rare opportunities to get something from one of the expensive artists, ya know?

      My friend keeps saying I'm gonna end up like House, hobbling on a cane and popping Vicodin. XD

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        that's ok <3

        lol, I thought you said "a house" so I got confused for a sec XDD and that's ok if you do, he's amazing.