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Time for intensive commissions yall I need to make up for lost hours at work because my boss thinks its funny to give me a 3 day work week lmao. (Its not funny actually)

Gimme your requirements and you shall receive something astounding in exchange for Money.
What benefit is there to commissioning art from me? Fast completion times. Real time progress updates. Screaming. Fast, clean, easy to use invoices. Full resolution file downloads. DOUBLED resolution file downloads. Existential dread.

If you happen to wanna tip me a little bit instead of buying a full blown piece hit up my tip jars below:

If you’d like to purchase reptile related merchandise from me please check out my redbubble store for fun wearables and stickers:

If you cant do the money thing please do go ahead and share this journal with your friends/pages to help me out, thank you.

Detailed Pricing Info Here:

Commissions Open


28 August 2018 at 02:57:10 MDT

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