Hiatus on Weasyl by ConbadgeExchange

It might be permanent. This group has only been getting 4 people a month, this month we just got 2.

I don't see a point in running a group that doesn't get people joining.

We're still going on FA with a good 25/30 people a month joining (which is sad compared to the 90/100 it use to have).

I apologize but unless this site gets more active I don't see this group opening back up.

Hiatus on Weasyl


25 July 2018 at 23:13:32 MDT

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    That's disappointing, but I understand. I wish I could have participated more, but my life has been busier as of late. ;-; I hope things can get more active here. Have you considered opening a ConbadgeExchange on Twitter? Furry twitter is really active, I'm sure there would be a decent amount of entries there.

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      I don't have the patience for twitter and it would be almost impossible for me to keep even be able to do rounds since it's not set up like here or FA and just a jumble of posts and confusion