Introductions + Website + Blog + Patreon by DHVinci

Hello Everyone and welcome to the DHVincistudios Page. If you don't know who we are, check out our website below for further details.

This announcement is to let people know where to find us and what we're doing.

Firstly, as the title suggests, those are the three places I've been most focused on. My website is coming along great! I still have to add a lot of things too it such as the rest of my 3D art, character profiles, some links to my favorite websites, and update it all so it can be easily found online.

As for my blog, I've developed enough content to post all during the work week. Motivation Monday, Text Tuesday, Wisdom Writing Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Focus Friday when I make a shout out to people and projects I personally like. Due to time constraints (and trying to manage several social media accounts at once, part time job, ect...) I've chosen to stay on those three sites because I can drive the most attention to my content. So, if you'd like to see more helpful content on a daily basis, check out my website and subscribe at the bottom of the page.

And lastly is patreon. My goal for patreon is two fold: To develop enough of a fanbase to live off my work full time, and to put support behind making my own original TV series Kitsunix into action. It's like Thundercats and Avatar The Last Airbender where a spirit fox tries to reunite his family and free them from eternal servitude while being trapped as a familiar that can only be summoned to help others against his will. I'm still working out the logline (basic summary of the entire thing) but I've already developed the characters, plot, world, and have even written the first rough draft (50 pages) of the pilot (first) episode.

The best part is, my patrons are the reason my website exists today! If you wanna be featured on the website, credited for supporting this project, and get exclusive content/insight into more work behind the scenes, consider subscribing for just $1.

You wont regret it!

I believe that's all I wanted to announce. Thanks for reading and looking forward to entertaining you all further!

Introductions + Website + Blog + Patreon


13 July 2018 at 11:55:41 MDT

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