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Art Roulette!! by Art_By_Nicolette

I decided to host an "Art Roulette" event. So, everyone who would like to participate, please leave your reference(s) below, and whoever wants to draw your character(s) will do so. In exchange, you must draw someone else's character(s). For every character you comment with, you must draw one of someone else's characters. For example, if you post four characters, you must draw four characters for someone else (can be for one person, or multiple people). Please reply to the person you are making art for, so they can see it, and so I can keep track of who is following the rules, and who is skipping out on their end. Also, you can draw as many pieces for as many people as you want, as long as you draw as many characters as you post. Take your time drawing the character(s), but please keep people updated on your progress. Also, do not harass others (myself included), insult their character(s)/art, beg for art, complain that you didn't get as much art as others, or otherwise be an annoying/bratty person. If you do so, you will be blocked and blacklisted. If you post a character(s) without drawing for others/another person, your comment(s) will be hidden, and you will be blocked if you re-post it/them.

Since, I am participating in this as well, here are a couple of references from me. My fursona, Dylan MoonBeam My character, Nicolette

Art Roulette!!


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