I'm on Patreon (check out my rewards!) by RainbowFoxy

Hey guys!

I've made a patreon and been chipping away at posting things up there and figuring out how to use the site. I really wanted to make a fair amount of posts before I posted a journal about it, because I want people to be able to access and receive something neat the moment they subscribe.
There's lots of content I draw (for school or in my sketchbook) that I never end up posting, and I figured I might as well start tossing it up on patreon for anyone who's interested enough in it.

There are many different tiers, and all of them offer neat stuff. I'm still starting up, but this patreon will be a blend of both my work, as well as instructional (as some of the reward tiers feature crit, redlines, draw overs, and other help including portfolio reviews/instruction and Q and A). Other rewards include access to freebie scribbles, discounts on commissions, access to exclusive content, access to all my work I draw, a blog, real time digital art process videos, higher resolution versions of images, layered PSDs of my art, and more.

If you have a moment, please check it out and let me know what you think about the rewards/set up and any suggestions you may have :)

I have some public posts available as well;
Patreon is really convenient to make posts where I can layer on a couple different file attachments, so I'll likely be using it for art that has multiple versions (like anatomy breakdowns). You can find the horse anatomy breakdown slides in the public tag on the left, available to be accessed by anyone. :D

It's absolutely optional and don't feel pressured to subscribe to my work.
If you do, however, hopefully you enjoy embarking with me on my creative journey, and enjoy a closer, exclusive look into my work and process!

I'm on Patreon (check out my rewards!)


25 June 2018 at 22:53:14 MDT

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