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my first car at last ^w^ by ShawnSkunk

thanks to my younger brother this came to e as a suprise
I finally got my first car, a 1988 ford mustang LX
she doesn't run right now needing mechanical and a transmission but i've been it'll be a really nice car when it does run
I can't post any pictures of it right now, I don't have a camera but I can at least show another picture of it just to get a good idea of at least what it looks like right now and what it could look like when I'm finish restoring it with some help
I'm soo excited about this but I'm letting become too distracted from the excitement and need to get back to studying I'll be taking my final GED test this tuesday and I want to make sure I pass and graduate
but I finally my own car now even if it doesn't run right now I finally have one and I'm just way too excited about it ^w^

my first car at last ^w^


23 June 2018 at 22:01:38 MDT

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