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just saw incredibles 2 the other night by ShawnSkunk

my verdict on this movie is, Pixar did good, really good in fact so well that the audience last night clapped in applause after it was finished, very rarely will we have movies that could captivate an audience like that (of course we can't forget zootopia that was another movie that had the audience clapping and still love it) so it just goes to show that Pixar knows how to do sequels right and never forgetting the formula of the first movie (Cars 2-3) well sorta.

and last but not least after seeing this movie I must warn my raccoon friends on here about a scene between Jack-Jack and a raccoon and if any of my raccoon on here have already the movie then you probably know what I'm talking about and I could stop laughing at that scene it was just too funny XD
the only lesson I got from watching hilarious mini boss fight between a super baby and a raccoon is "be careful what your baby watches on tv it could corrupt his mind" that's the only lesson I could think of for that LOL XD

so yeah if you haven't seen this sequel yet you've got to go see it

just saw incredibles 2 the other night


20 June 2018 at 21:15:12 MDT

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