Arm Pain by Unibee

Can't really update with art these days. Both my arms hurt from the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and metacarpals. I just need to rest, ice, and stretch them out. If I do post any art, they'll probably be doodles. No finished pieces, plus digital art hurts more. My non-dominant arm hurts the most for some reason. I think it could be from the weird position I lay it in for using hotkeys as I draw.I already received a lot of help from friends, so I'm thinking I'll make a swift recovery.

If you guys have any more advice on pain during art, my ears are tuned.

Arm Pain


28 May 2018 at 19:58:33 MDT

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    oh no ! :( you should definitely consider some sort of physical activity to do as a break when you draw. its a good idea to do something to keep your muscles moving once in a while. I had problems this year with my back/shoulder from drawing/flute. i did some yoga stretches sometimes and just had to remind myself to take breaks. I hope you feel better!!

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      I had yoga suggested to me. I'm considering it :c Taking breaks is so HARD though. I spent so much time building up my daily art routine, I'm sure you can relate bro

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        I feel you! please take breaks though, its not worth injuring yourself at all!