The super duper ART list (#1) by Thestory

It took me a while to sift through all the business cards and general goodies I collected from

Wondercon, but now I have fashioned a list from them. Below are links to blogs, portfolios, and

what have you. They all showcase a portion of the talented artists work that made it to the event.

So if you have time peruse this little treasure trove. They are in no particular order except for the

order I happened to pull their cards from my bag.


Helen Yoon: - Great graphic and painterly work. They have a wide range of skill.

Jackie Huang: - These critters are handmade. They sell them completed or as a kit so you

can make your own.

Mike Yamada


Victoria Ying - Apart from offering nice prints they sell children's books and alphabet cards with

great artwork.

Eric Gonzalez


Erich Haeger - They have cute sugar skull characters and offer several artbooks and

other goodies.

Katherine Brannock - Very stark, unique, and texturally appealing images.

Nate Mitchell - Retro themed products as well as a series of lovable squid plushies.

Brianna Drouhard - Extremely charming design and illustration work. Colorful and appealing.

Mike Walton - A free webcomic anthology focusing on the surreal and macabre.

David Coleman - Really Amazing artwork, period.

Michael Fleming - very simple, stylized, and designed illustrative peices.

Chris Ayers - A talented artist. Their Daily Zoo books offer great animal illustrations

and part of the proceeds fund cancer charities.

Frederic Stewart - Their artwork is bursting with gorgeous use of edges and color.

Brittney Lee - Lots of pretty, layered, and three dimensional artwork using paper.

Justin Hernandez


Alexis Hernandez - Not only do they have a free online comic but in their shop these two sell

varius items including hand crafted soap.

Liana Hee - Another talented artist. Lots of illustrations of mermaids and ladies.

Chris Kawagiwa - Plenty of art to enjoy, from comic book characters to a Robotic Nouveau


Sho - Stunning artwork. The series Blue where she paints on wood is a must see.

Moira Hahn - Their work is very attractive, filled with Asian inspired themes and a ton of

animals, especially cats.

Jeannine Schafer - Funny and adorable illustrations all over.

Priscilla Wong - great flowing lines, shapes, characters, and everything.

Justin Harder - They use crazy amounts of exaggeration in their work and it creates some very appealing visuals.

The super duper ART list (#1)


16 April 2013 at 01:36:21 MDT

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