Pre Summer Update by DX-shady

Annnnnnd, finals are over! I can finally start focusing on fun art now. Unlike last summer, which is when there was a deline in my art postage, I have a lot of plans for this summer!

● From now on, I will be making an OC comic every season. These comics will most likely in black and white. This is because I am also still doing my ongoing web comic on Tapas. However, there will still be shorter, color comics in between the large, seasonal ones.

● Many of my OCs will be undergoing some changes. Some of them will be small changes, such as backstory changes, and updated bios. Others will have major changes, such as name and age changes.

● I have some fan art projects in mind.....

● As of today, I won't be doing any more request journals. I might just toss out a freebie every now and then. We'll see. But, hey. Art trades are still a thing. As for commissions........when I get more foot traffic, maybe.

● I will be participating in this years Art Fight. Just throwing that out there.

And that's about it! I will try to do mini updates during the week.

Pre Summer Update


16 May 2018 at 20:46:35 MDT

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