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hi time I return here by ShawnSkunk

it's a been quite a long time since the last time I used my weasyl page
the last time I've been here judging by my last journal entry was 2 years back in 2016
but I'm coming back to weasyl, main reasons for this is because some of the people I follow over on FA are leaving that site and coming to other sites such as here
I have plans for the near future and they may involve a new account and fursona but right now that's not a priority to me, my only priority right now to finish my education and get through college so I'll be setting my plans aside and do them sometime later down the road
other than it it's good to be back, so how is everyone on here?

hi time I return here


16 May 2018 at 09:56:01 MDT

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    If you want to set aside things in order to finish your education that is completely understandable.
    I wish I hadn't fucked off school.

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    thanks Sniff, there's still a chance to finish school you can do what I'm doing right now, a GED course, I'm almost finished with the course