Hey I did yet another furry meme by rowedahelicon

Yet another oddly put together furry quiz is making the rounds on twitter and as usual I bypass ruining people's feeds and instead posting it all up here.

Please listen to this while we go over the questions.

Oh, and who made it? I know not whom. But here is what it looks like!

1. Been in the fandom for....

About...oh god...12/13 years

2. Found the fandom how?

I was drawing Anthro characters in a sort of sonic style and someone called me a furfag. Later on a long time friend, Collin, told me he was one and upon me asking what it was, I decided instantly I wanted in.

3. Chose your species cuz...

Well I started out as a Wolf, found Cruxes on Deviant Art, and there we go~

4. Why/How did you chose your name?

Oh no the grammar...Rowedahelicon is a slight change of name from the character Roweidekhalicon from the game Anachronox. I loved the character, but wanted a unique name similar to that. Turned out to be a good choice as there are people who go by Roweidekhalicon on the internet now!

5. If you had to change species, what would you choose?


6. What percentage of your friends are furries?

Easily ~99%

7. If you've been, favorite furry con, and why?

Anthrocon! Always have the best memories from there, and see the most friends there!

8. Got a fursuit? If no, why?


9. RP'ing is: Fun, not my thing, A good way to "blow off steam"

I am really bad at RP do NOT make me do it. It's not my thing!

10. Are you open about being a furry, i.e. if it comes up in conversation?

It really depends on the place and context. I've yet to be asked such a thing outside of a furry environment

11. Gay/Straight/Bi?


12. Ever kissed another furry?


13. Do you have adult art of your fursona? If yes post your favorite

Wow lewd!

14. Ever hooked up with another fur? If yes, ever done it at a con?

Negative on both~

15. Opinion about murrsuits?

I have an opinion yes

16. Do you have a kink related to the fandom? If yes, post the one you're most open about, if you are ;)

I'm as open to the public as a Chick-Fil-A on a Sunday

17. Are you in any 18+ Telegram groups? Name one.

There is one for INFPs that has way more than 18 members!

Hey I did yet another furry meme


7 May 2018 at 08:37:00 MDT

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    I love some of these answers; it's like, you decided to have fun with the answers after a point because it was more interesting than actually answering what they asked.