Decisive Desire Compendium Public Poll Open by HellfireComics

Want to vote on something but not a Patron to Decisive Desire? Don't worry, if your interested in learning more information about Decisive Desire and getting some art to go with the information then no worries! I'll select a few of the highest voted out of the selections and update my website with whatever got selected, Patrons get access to the finish product a week early before going public.

The list will be updated over time as more stuff gets introduced in Decisive Desire, if there is something your interested in learning about, send me a message and we'll see if it can be added! I love your feedback and it helps move Decisive Desire forward!

Interested in voting and being a part of the Decisive Desire fan base then you are welcome to join the Discord and take a part of the Compendium Poll and get updates and get to talk to me while I do streams as well.

Want early access to content and exclusive rewards? Become a patron to Decisive Desire to get that and much more cool stuff! Rewards will develop over time with more backers of this gay anthro graphic novel series!

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Decisive Desire Compendium Public Poll Open


3 May 2018 at 15:50:16 MDT

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