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Life and Things Like It (life update) by r-a-blackpaws

So, it's been a while, hasn't it?

Think I should clue you folks in on things.

-due to work stress and my own issues, I almost had a breakdown on 4/9...which has led to my return to therapy. I think I need it to help deal with my anxiety, stress load (which is VERY high), gender issues, and depression.

-speaking of stress, my mother had to have a biopsy on Monday. There were nodules in her uterus, so they removed those and are analyzing them. Since she's a breast cancer survivor, our thoughts almost immediately went to cancer...but for now, we're not sure. Prayers appreciated.

-Depression? Yeah, I have it. I don't always deal with it in the best manner either. I have to force myself to remember to interact with friends instead of withdrawing and marshaling strength to fight...but it's tough to break habits/patterns.

-Gaming-wise, my streaming account just got its 40th follower, which is four times more than I had over on Twitch at my peak. And 40 was reached in less than two months too! Astounding. squeals softly in glee

-Writing? I do have ideas in-head for more stories...but nothing has demanded to be written yet. When one demands to be written, I will work on it.

-Gender? Still fluid/non-binary. Still vacillate between transitioning fully or just being more feminine. Still waffle between hating my parts and wanting to chainsaw them off myself. So yeah...I have issues.

-School is starting up in the fall. Looking to take two of the three classes I need to get my second bachelor's degree this time, which will likely put me at odds with work since a lot of the times for those classes are when I'd be available to work. That will be a big fight and could leave me out of the job I've had for just shy of 20 years.

Think that's enough for now. Thoughts/comments/hugs/questions? Feel free! ^.^

Life and Things Like It (life update)


25 April 2018 at 10:48:44 MDT

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