RaccoonPioneer's Update 20180416 by RaccoonPioneer

As announced on my DeviantArt gallery, I'm going to be leaving the DeviantArt community forever, by the end of this week. I cannot stand dealing with freeloaders demanding for free art, the cancerous arts that pollute that entire community, and more. I shall be expanding my presence here, Weasyl, and elsewhere - so long as it isn't DeviantArt.

RaccoonPioneer's Update 20180416


16 April 2018 at 17:43:30 MDT

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    It makes sense why this has to happen, since it is all for the best. The reason things are like that on DA is that it swarms with children who should be having better things to do with their time, as well as low-EQ/IQ adults and teenagers, who are also like children, which can also explain the explosion of substandard artwork there. Not only do they have blatant disregard for "dos and don'ts" or personal space, they also seem to shudder over the ideas of investment for the things they want to have, financial responsibility, or even financial literacy, hence the heavy demand for what could be considered theft of service. Such things are just the same as asking somebody working at a car retail the question "Can I steal your cars?", or they can even be considered theft of time, since time that has been wasted couldn't be turned back, and that time could be used for better endeavors, yet they want to use such time for their selfish ends.