Life is good even when busy. by SwirlySpotBean

Well I'm still around. Yet I've been busy. I'm currently trying to get back in habit of drawing. It will take time since I rarely get time to do what I want. I've been spending time with my boyfriend. I'm really proud of him and my trust is growing back. Just us being alone helped focus to repair us. He's got a second position at his current job and we are both saving up so hard to eventually get to our goal. I'm atm learning my driving stuff and when time comes Imma do some online college. God, I can't wait to move up there. So close! That's why I've been avoidant and absent. Trying to focus on life stuff. I lost 17 lbs from eating healthy, exercising and sleeping on a timely early pattern. ^-^ I love my boyfriend. He's improving on his life by actually doing adult things and not just sitting around gaming, staying up to 6 in the morning and actually sleep early like at 9-10 like I do. (He still actually plays his switch but I do too at times.) Gah this is scattered but oh well~ Life is good.

Life is good even when busy.


3 April 2018 at 11:08:49 MDT

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