New Commission Type: Monthly Patrons! Please Read! by keida

I have been considering opening this style of commission for quite some time and I am finally opening them! These Monthly Patron orders will be a wonderful addition to my work!

Monthly Patron orders will start with 3 tiers of patrons, however, please feel free to ask if interested in other prices. Monthly Patrons will gain additional benefits the longer they continue as patrons each month. After 3 months, the patron will receive 30% more on their next months order. This means additional artwork for NO cost every 3 months! The secondary benefit Monthly Patrons will receive will be 10% off on commissions ordered in person at conventions! The third benefit Monthly Patrons will receive is consistent completion of their orders within each month they are ordered. This means that your commission will have an unchanging deadline separate from the normal que list. Patrons are able to choose a variety of artwork that fits under the cost of each Tier. Monthly Patron order can begin at any date. Once the first order is made, that date will set the deadline for payments and completed artwork.

The Tiers currently open are:

$20.00 Tier

$30.00 (Custom Requested Tier)

  • :icongn0stica:$50.00 Tier--$100 Tier-

Please feel free to inquire either through FA's note system or by emailing me at

New Commission Type: Monthly Patrons! Please Read!


13 March 2018 at 15:55:59 MDT

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