I'm ALIVE i swear!! streaming updates too by Sage116

Time for that regular update proving I didn't DIE and drop off the face of the Earth!! So lots of fun stuff going on, got my new tablet/monitor in the mail and I've been getting used to it. It's weird going from drawing traditionally (when I started), then using a basic tablet, and finally getting a monitor I can draw on. I'm really happy I invested in it, because it REALLY helps things go smoother, next on my list is getting Paint tool sai. Yep, I've decided to try out a new drawing program and Sai has caught my eye for a LONG time, just recently I downloaded the 30 day trial and I just can't stop admiring how user friendly it is. Don't get me wrong, I've use my photoshop for years but it can feel frustrating sometimes with how hard it is to get to certain features, when I'm trying to keep in my grove. For now, when I get a chance to buy the program, I will be using Sai mainly for personal work till I get used to buttons and features. On a different note I've got streaming dates up and I'm almost done getting banners and graphics done for Picarto. I will be hosting Safe For Work Sunday (SFWS) streams every other Sunday and Sketch Stream Fridays (SSF) every other Friday. These days are for accepting faster commissions, outside of my monthly queue, please go over the rules before entering these streams. If you desire a larger or more complex piece please commission me during my monthly queue. SFWS, as the name suggests, is a day I offer Safe For Work commissions to kinda mix things up from the normal adult art. On these days I will be accepting more than just sketches so if you are interested in learning more or your new and wanna check out info on BOTH streams, the links are below. Well that should be it for today I hope everyone has a good day and I'll see you folks soon.

Safe For Work Sunday Streaming ~ Sketch Stream Fridays ~ Paws4Hire Picarto Page

I'm ALIVE i swear!! streaming updates too


26 February 2018 at 12:45:30 MST

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