Art Request/Trades and Rules by Dreadwolfclaw

My style is Traditional, I haven't fully crossed over the threshold of Digital yet.

  1. Always give concrete details of what you want in the trade. Make sure we are firmly in agreement on the trade or request

  2. Do not attempt to think you can take advantage of my services. If I find you are expecting me to drop everything that I am doing to service ONLY you, I WILL block you.

  3. Please, pleeeease keep negotiations, propositions, requests and trades mature and professional.

  4. I do not respond well to Demands.

Negotiations - Discussing any art pieces of themes that are not my usual MO.(Ex. making transgendered characters, holidays, mythology)

Propositioning - anything to do with joining a collab or making webcomics. If I'm to work with you I need some proof of what you are signing me up for. I need to know if there is something being done behind the project. I need to also be able to contact those who are also working with you. If you are a writer show me your story. Show. Not. Tell.

Requests/Trades - Yes my services are free. For requests you can contact me through notes or the comments done below. I am constantly checking my notifications on all the art sites I'm attached to. As rule one applies, I need detailed info on the request/trade. To people with English as a second language, give me time to understand you clearly.

Note me or ask in the comments

List is as follows:



Reference Sheets





Age Difference/only between 20 and beyond (Must be discussed, NO PEDO)

Size Difference

Sci Fi



School Teacher/ Student

Hand jobs/ Blow jobs


If it's NOT on the list I will NOT DO IT (Or we can negotiate, I'm Flexible to an extent)

Answer in the comments or notes with what type of service you want me to do. I will respond kindly. :)

IE. Request. Trade. Proposition. Negotiation.

keep rockin' my fellow artists

Art Request/Trades and Rules


14 February 2018 at 18:40:32 MST

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