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24. Bin Wars 2 by FluxCrux

So I get a respone:

"Anna Tyler Cakes I wasn't aware I had used your bin, next time i use the bin outside if my kitchen I will double check the number. I also have never moved your household bin to the front of my kitchen, why the hell would I want it there making it look ugly. And Your message on my window over 2 carrier bags was a little over the top."

The response to this is simple, don't LIE when you have no idea of the evidence I have:

There was FOUR carrier bags of waste 2 of cake remains, one of lemon peels and a forth with general waste including a tub of cream that leaked all inside my bin that I had to wash out afterwards, you have previously snuck bags of garbage into the top of my bin leaving it so the lid doesn't close properly right before collection days - it's pretty obvious from the type of waste in those bags that it's from your shop, and I've let it slide on many occasions but when I have to retrieve my bin constantly from outside your property to bring it in and find it half full of your waste it's starting to take the piss a little.

As for the making it look ugly, I don't think you can talk with that smashed up old dirty recycling bin that really needs to be thrown away that's constantly out front, I at least take my bins IN off the street.

Also you have moved my bin to outside your premises on more than one occasion and I've had to move it back and you cannot deny doing it because you once did it right in front of myself and a friend as we were walking back to my house from the shop and we BOTH saw you do it. I have a witness to that. My bin clearly has my number on it in RED paint and is a larger bin that the one you have with your number in WHITE stickers on it the only way you could make a 'mistake' like that is is you were BLIND. This is NOT the first time I have found rubbish and cake waste dumped in my bin. So don't go trying to act all innocent. You are a business and are not supposed to be using ANY household bin for your waste, we even have brown bins for food waste in this area so that shouldn't even be being put into a black household bin in the first place.

24. Bin Wars 2


6 April 2013 at 15:30:03 MDT

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