TF Donation Drive Info! by Gigabytez

How this will work:
Every $1 will count towards a credit. These credits can be used for multiple things, including:

  • Votes toward the 5 possible TF options for that round.

  • Extra Side Effects Including WG, AR, TG, MC, Latex/Pooltoy/Plush/Etc. Each option will have a number of credits that must be put toward it before it takes effect, and some options (for example, latex and plush) will be mutually exclusive.

  • And Auto buying a character for me to tf into (can be one of the options or not). The auto-buy price is 100$ every round. Auto buying can be done at any time.

In the event of a tie in the vote, the winner will be chosen randomly between the tied items.

Once all votes are done, I will make a transformation comic/picture and will be forced to be that character until the next goal is met.

- Votes - 1$ per vote. Every 10$ is 5 extra points (25$ towards votes = 35 votes)

- Weight Gain - 2$ per pound (Maximum 250 pounds for now)

- Age Regression - 5$ every year (Minimum age is 7 for now)

- Gender Change - 15$ (30 to lock the gender change for 2 goals)

- Latex/Pool Toy/Plush/Etc… - 10$ (20 to lock in for 2 goals)

- If you donate more then $5, you will get an icon sketch from me.

- Donate 20$+ and get a full body sketch from me.

- Donate 50$+ and you will get to have a private stream for 1 hr and I draw whatever I can get done.

- After that, every +50$ will be an extra hour. (Planning/Sketch time doesn't count towards hour unless told otherwise.)

- Anyone who donates will be able to be drafted into a free tf comic!

How to Donate:

1) Send me a Note with the header "TF Drive" and tell me how you want to distribute your credits to. (Tell me who sent you if you read it in a journal other than mine.)
2) I will then give you my PayPal email address or use . (DONT SEND MONEY BEFORE GETtING CONFIRMATION PLZ <3)
That's all!
The minimum amount is $1. Donate as much as you want. The goal is 1,200 but if it goes over, I will use the money to upgrade the current version of the desktop I want.

I have no money, how can I help?:

If you cant donate any money, Sharing the donation drive in a journal or anywhere public would be appreciated. This will earn you one vote towards any species you'd like me to be. You get +1 for each person you get to donate, which will allow you to get the rewards listed above.(This will count less than a vote paid for.)

TF Donation Drive Info!


30 December 2017 at 21:25:12 MST

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