Commissions opened! by emoniil

Hello everyone! :D I decided to open up commissions again! I really wanna get some money before Christmas so I can get my siblings and parents something! :D So here's all the details, check em out!

I do paypal via only at the time!

I can only do 10 slots att! (10) slots open

Pay up front first (no scammers please)

I will go my full capability on the commissions! (No lazy artwork)

Regular - 25$ USD (FULL BODY/ BUST)

Chibi's - 15$ USD

I will not take on any commissions I am not comfortable with x( Here's some things to know that I will not do!
Nude Images
Gore / Blood
Animal commissions D;
I will take backgrounds but no Detailed or big backgrounds (currently working on this one.)
NO anthro
No Animals (furries are accepted for commissions though!)

Even if the things I named are not on list, I still might not be comfortable with doing it. I will let you know just to make sure..

That's about it! :) If you're interested please note me or comment below :D

Commissions opened!


19 December 2017 at 19:52:41 MST

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