This is why we need to keep Net Neutrality alive! by Vito_Talford

That law exists for a reason, to protect us from the abuse of authority and provide us the freedom to not only surf the web, but also use the internet for our careers, such as podcasts, selling items, and even look for editors, illustrators, and/or jobs! Without Net Neutrality, the internet providers will abuse their freedom and block any website at any time without warning! Not to mention we'll lose contact with anyone from families to friends to even loved ones! We must convince both the Congress and the FCC to keep Net Neutrality alive, or the government and the internet providers will control how we use the internet forever, completely for the latter!

The vote begins December 14th! 12 days to go! Spread the word, everyone! Fight for Net Neutrality, fight for the internet for both the U.S.A. and the world!

This is why we need to keep Net Neutrality alive!


2 December 2017 at 17:23:34 MST

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