Calling All Artists / Craftsmen! Check This Out! by Alcho

Hey guys and gals, today I write you all with a great excitement! Why you ask? Because Sassenach (FA), Number01hunter (FA), and alcho have successfully put together an entire group (the start of one) to help up and coming artists, as well as veterans to improve their skills!

This group is The Creative Review (Search The_Creative_Review on FA) ! It's a place to actively share your art with others, get the opinions of other artists, both large and small in popularity, and improve your skills from advice and possibly tutorials brought to you by our eventual members! There is clearly no entrance fee, nor subscription fee - it's all completely free - all we ask is that you participate in the discussion from time to time, as your input is valuable to every other artist on there! We are based from a Telegram Group (the link is on the profile page, as well as the group's first journal)! There we can post our works in progress, and ask for a second, third, fourth, or however many opinions you'd like to get on how your work is coming along, and how to improve your craft!

This is not only a visual art thing - all of the following are included!

  • Digital Art
  • Traditional Art
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Poetry
  • Stories (short and long)
  • Sculpting / figurines
  • Animations
  • All other sorts of art not listed are certainly welcome as well! Bring us whatever you have, we would LOVE to see it!
  • This is NOT limited to Furry art! Bring everything / anything you may have for us!

The one thing that we do enforce is, for this group, we are SFW - as we want this to be a group for EVERYONE of ALL AGES! We want to help the people who would like to try their hand at art for the first time, as well as the seasoned artists, so for that reason this group will be SFW! If there is a major demand for critiques on NSFW pieces, we will consider making a second group - same thing, except for NSFW works!

Please consider taking the time to check out our page, and if you know anyone who would be interested, to send them our way! We would LOVE to make a great community of artists of all shapes and sizes, of all sorts - and that can only be accomplished with everyone helping one another out!

If nothing else, it's a great way to get your name out there to more watchers eventually! We will be compiling a list of commissioning artists and publishing them as well! We will be taking great care of our community, and helping every artist to the absolute best of our abilities!

So take a looksy over to our page (we've got to get an icon yet - we're working on that!) and see if it's something you'd be interested in taking part in! Get in early!

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated to get this off the ground! :D We are doing all we can do in our power, but more the merrier!

Our FA Page ->
Our Telegram Group ->

Until Next Time,
Keep on Keepin' On!

Calling All Artists / Craftsmen! Check This Out!


19 November 2017 at 21:06:17 MST

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    i would be there but, i don't have a Furaffinity account (besides, i don't even understand how to use the site) and i usually draw things nsfw, good luck with that man!

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      S'all good bud ^.^ Once we're a bit bigger (we got 10 now on FA, and 7 in telegram), we'll probably expand to DA and either Weasyl and / or Inkbunny! If there's a major demand (which I feel eventually there will be) we have considered and discussed the possibility of opening a 2nd group (same thing except NSFW)! There will be another journal announcing that one if we do get that big! I don't think it'll be any time soon, but I'll sound the alarm ^.^

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        Well, if you go to DA i will be there to help, good luck.