Christmas Wish List Challenge by KibaTheDemonicWolf

okay a friend and I where talking and they gave me this challenge and I loved it so I'm gonna share it

pick 20 things you'd like for Christmas, but you can't look anything up online or try to get any ideas off of something you just have to sit and come up with stuff all on your own. An if it's something that relates to another item you have to list it as one item like you can't just give a list of videos and books that you want that'd count as one item just multiple of that item. An no pet items the gifts have to be for You.

so here's my list
1. 4 cool t-shirts
2. 2 pairs of jeans
3. socks, normal white socks
4. an index card storage box
5. an adjustable angle ruler
6. a nintendo switch (the one with one handle blue one handle red) with two games preferably Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
7. a berserk landyard
8. kinetic sand
9. an electric blanket
10. a bedside table
11. a realistic carp fish pencil case
12. a model where it's a dog but like have of it is muscles, organs, and bones like one of those anatomy model things, but it has to be a german shepherd
13. legos
14. octopus ice cube tray
15. magnetic letters so I can spell swear words on my fridge
16. a maneki neko figurine
17. a metal slinky
18. faber-castell gel crayons
19. a nerf gun
20. comic/manga books preferable Fables or Berserk to grow my collection

I don't know how I feel that a good portion of my list turned out to be kid stuff, but then I'm not to embarrassed that I'm pretty childish at times
oh an I did actively try to Not go for to many art supply things.

so yeah if you decide to do this little challenge I'd love to see it, it's pretty entertaining XD

note: I technically already got three gifts I really wanted for xmas which was a Zodd (from Berserk) hat and something to set my markers on which I got a storage stand that works perfect and I got an ipad! haven't got to use the ipad yet cause gotta set up wifi tomorrow, but really excited about that, never thought I'd end up with an ipad I honestly was just aiming for a cheap piece of crap i could at least watch youtube on XD

Christmas Wish List Challenge


10 November 2017 at 02:46:30 MST

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