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Hello everyone,

Today I have some very unfortunate news. As many of you know Boxsona was run by a two person team, however, the other half of the business has decided that they would no longer like to work on the project and will be leaving the team indefinitely.

Unfortunately this leaves me with a few problems, both practical and emotional that I need to deal with in the coming days. As our team was very small I am left with twice the workload, twice the responsibility and the need to learn all of the systems that my partner took care of for the business. For the sake of transparency I would like to lay out some of the most obvious changes that come to mind in the immediate future.

This means Boxsona might not be moving as smoothly as it did before for a short while as I work to fill in the gaps that have been created in the business. I promise that I will do my best to make sure things stay on track and continue to improve into the future.

I was sadly not the one with any artistic talent, so the many doodles and promotional art that used to get posed on social media will no longer be continuing for awhile. I will also have to take a crash course in design or enlist the help of some artists to make the future ads and promotional artwork that will be inside of the Boxsona boxes and envelopes.

However if you placed an order with us recently or plan on doing so in the near future don't worry, all orders will be fulfilled no matter what I have to do to make it happen.

That said this whole thing is admittedly taking a huge emotional toll on me. I tend not to be a very emotional guy but this situation has me feeling pretty miserable. Please don't lose hope if we go silent for a day or two I just need some time to reorganize things physically in our work space and get my head screwed on right.

While this might be a step back I promise you that Boxsona is going to bounce back and be better than it ever was before. We would like to thank all of our customers, fans, the artists and great makers we have worked with along with the entirety of the furry fandom for their current and future support. This is an amazing fandom and I would like nothing more then the ability to continue contributing to it in any small way that I can.

Thank you all so much.

Changes at Boxsona


20 October 2017 at 13:57:21 MDT

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    I really hope you're able to work things out. Don't get too flustered.