The Rebound Volume 2 script is out! by TheScatterbrain

Briefly stopping by to shout at you since I promised to shout about it everywhere:

It's been a few months, but here I am, ready to hand over the rest of Rebound! Please go to the website and grab the pdf:


If you haven't already seen me talk about it elsewhere, I decided to take the sizable amount of comic script we had already written, polish it up and finish it, writing all the bits that were missing. This includes all of Volume 4, the end of Volume 3 and various other pieces here and there. Note that I've been working on this on my own, but the story as a whole, half the characters and a large portion of the writing is still Maia's too. I just kind of ran off with it to round it off. The result is of course not quite a comic, but I hope the script will make an enjoyable read on its own.

As suggested above, there are three volumes (2-4) and I will be releasing them one at a time with a week in between each. So in other words I'll be back with Volume 3 next Wednesday and Volume 4 the Wednesday after that.

The Volume 2 script picks up at the last comic page, so if you haven't read the comic before it probably won't make much sense. You can read Rebound from the beginning on the website:


The Rebound Volume 2 script is out!


20 September 2017 at 11:15:56 MDT

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