Hurricane Maria Will Attack To PR Again. You know the rules. by Sebastien.Hippo

We will face the same thing one week later. Apparently, Those pesky Hurricanes are developing faster than usual this year. It's like there are a Hurricane Festival or something. This is the same situation, this hurricane will hit directly to us and is as bigger than the previous one. If God saved from this hurricane, I am sure that He'll do that again. :)

The Only Downside is that I have no more internet service after the hurricane, so to keep in touch is now more difficult and I might not be available for weeks. :(

But, for those who haven't read, There are the rules again:

19 years later (Not Harry Potter Pun), I have experienced Hurricane Georges when it attacked PR and when I was 5. This time, I'm 23, I'm an old man already, I am more prepared to face this again, but this time worse. By time, the natural disasters has been worsened due to the God's prophecies, So don't worry that is not our fault by polluting gas and such. But we're aware that is God's purpose. I have heard that an evangelist told us as Christians that We're going to face the Hurricane and after that possibly would face the earthquake as well. And all is about that we have committed lots of sins from decades and even centuries. I know that we all commit sins, but I am talking about even worse sins, like adultery, fornication, political corruption, human traffic including violating minors and killing them, etc, etc, etc...

This event will occur Wednesday in the morning (Around 8:00AM GMT -4) until God knows when. So that means that we will not have electricity, water, phone, even food for weeks. Our Electricity company from our politicians are way too mediocre and when the hurricane hits them, they have no money or materials to repair for days. So don't worry about me, I'll be fine...

I gotta say something serious, This is God's purpose, Christians also calls them "Judgement" or "Punishment" In my point of view. If you don't believe it, I don't care. God do this to get rid from bad or mean people , and even politicians, whom caused some serious sins and doesn't have fear to God itself (I'm not calling atheists). This action in other words, includes death to people... If I die,.. I will be with Him. I have committed sins, I admit and regret, I apologize. But I do my best to become a man of God. Just to have a little faith of God, for Him is sufficient. If this occurs, and I don't do anything on Telegram, Discord, Twitter or Weasyl within three months... you can consider me "dead".

We will be praying during the evening, for us and for our people. I'll be praying for mercy, for my father and for my friends, and I mean all of you.

God Bless You All.

Hurricane Maria Will Attack To PR Again. You know the rules.


18 September 2017 at 17:41:31 MDT

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    I wish you the best of luck Seb. I was hit with Hurricane Irma.

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    I really feel like PR will no longer be safe, rather a hot spot for hurricanes to come here. I hope you evacuate.